Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a bridge over scarce stream


Nadja said...

Oke, now you are really asking for it yourself. "-)
Loving greetings again!
And I hope, not too many silly messages from old girls so that you can work in peace. From now on.
:-) X
(Oh! I Like the photographs! Saw your other more "abstract" or maybe better said, not human- pictures again recently. You are really good at that too!) Still a heavy fan! :-)

иво рафаилов said...

I want to say only a quick "Thank you Nadja!" :)
... and I have a huge plastic badge pinned to my mouth now... it says "make friends, not fans" ;)X

SKIZO said...

good creations

rosso said...

¡Fantásticas!.. (esenciales)

иво рафаилов said...

Thanks, Skizo!

Alexandro, I'm very glad to see comment from you again. I've always appreciated your words. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.